Troubleshooting - Basic Techniques

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Troubleshooting – Basic Technique is actually electrical training software
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Troubleshooting – Basic Technique is actually electrical training software. It helps you to learn and troubleshoot the electrical circuits. So if you are an electrical field student, professional electrical engineer or if you just want to learn about electrical circuits and troubleshooting techniques as a hobbyist then this training software is for you. With this software you can easily and safely learn about basic techniques of electrical circuits without the risk of high voltage current in the circuits. So after learning basic techniques you can then try to solve the faulty circuits to check and enhance your skill and the software automatically record your all steps performed to solve the faults so that you can analyze them later for reference. With this software you can learn the lighting circuits with a highly realistic interactive simulation of the circuits. With this virtual training program of electrical circuits you can perform virtually all actions used of real and original circuits and equipments. It also displays the schematic and wiring diagram to solve the fault circuits. It comes with a detailed descriptive instructions and tips to learn the usage of the program. So it is a self-taught and self-paced program.

Manoj Goel
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  • Provide detailed descriptive instructions
  • Provide highly realistic interactive simulation
  • Provide schematic and wiring diagrams


  • Not a freeware
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